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Raw anime: Easiest way to download raw anime

There are multiple websites and methods that editors use to download raw anime. In this guide, I will provide you with a step-by-step process to download raw anime on your Android device. “Raw anime” refers to anime that has not been dubbed or subtitled. This means that it is in its original language without any translation.

Before following the steps mentioned below, you need to install SPlayer and CapCut from the Google Play store, and I will also show you how to install Anilab. Google Play store, I’ll show how to install Anilab below.

Step 1

Go to the 9Anime website and click on any anime.

After that scroll down until you see a banner saying “Download our free anime APK now”

Click on the banner then install the Anilab app.

Step 2

Open Anilab, search for the anime you want to download, and click the download button.

Before the download begins you will be able to choose episode, the quality, and if you want Sub or Dub.

If you want raw anime do not choose Dub and subtitle. You can choose Sub and when the option for subtitle appears choose “None” and then download.

You will be directed to SPlayer where the video will begin to download. If you do not have SPlayer you will be redirected to the Play Store where you can install SPlayer.

Step 3

The remaining steps are for those who can not locate the video on their device.

Once you have successfully downloaded a video using SPlayer, make sure to move it to the safe box. Do not close the SPlayer app after moving the video to the safe box as it may disappear. Even if you have moved the video to a safe box, there is still a chance that it may disappear. Please note that any successful downloads using SPlayer might not be saved to the phone memory or SD card.

To share a downloaded video on CapCut, click on the three dots located on the right side of the video, then select “share” and choose CapCut as the sharing option. If you have another video editing app, you can also try to share the video with that app. However, I tried YouCut but it didn’t work. Unfortunately, I don’t have Inshot, so I can’t say for sure if it works with Inshot or not.

Step 4

Click new project in CapCut

The video you want to download is the first one you see after clicking “New project”. Add it by clicking “Add” as if you want to edit a new video.

Before exporting the video, set the video quality to low, but do not reduce the resolution. You can edit the video to 4k after a successful export. Don’t worry, the video quality will remain clean.

Finally, export the video to save it to your gallery or album.

If CapCut notifies you that your device has insufficient space while exporting a video, click “continue exporting”. If, after the export, CapCut notifies you of an error or insufficient storage, check your gallery for the video before importing again. It’s important to have enough storage space to avoid such issues in the future.

If you have questions you can ask by using the comment section below, I will try to reply to every comments.

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