New anime alert! 🚨

Hello! I am happy to introduce the new anime I came across a few minutes ago. Drumroll 🥁

Title is… Wind Breaker

Windbreaker is a story of a boy who looks different because his hair and eyes are two different colors. He was often not treated well and felt left out. He chooses to start over by moving to a new place and attending a school full of students who are good at fighting.

At the start of the new series, he defeats the head of a gang and three other guys. By the end of the first episode, he deals with the results of what he did. The gang leader he had defeated earlier comes back with his entire group.

After giving up hope in the fight, four guys from his school suddenly show up and support him in the fight.

Haruka Sakura

Haruka Sakura, (main character) is a tough solo fighter who doesn’t like people he sees as weak. He’s used to being judged for his appearance and doesn’t trust others to treat him well. He plans to be the top dog in his new school but realizes that he cannot be the top dog because he is alone.

Go watch this new series, 🤭 you will not be disappointed.

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