Swift 4G review

My experience with Swift 4G

I’d like to share my painful experience with Swift 4G. I’m not trying to trash them or make them look bad, they have the best network with great speed but they’re not perfect.

This review was posted on 28th February 2024. I set the post date to 1st January 2022 in order for it to appear as the last post when people visit this website because this website is an anime recommendation website, writing, comics, movies, etc.

What you’ll enjoy if you get Swift 4G

The only thing I know you can enjoy if you decide to get Swift 4G is…

  • Fast connection.

My experience

I purchased Swift 4G 2022, I bought it with a 55GB plan that was supposed to last 30 days. I shared my password with 3 people and my subscription didn’t last 2 weeks. I renewed my subscription plan and the same thing happened then I decided not to renew my plan until I move out of that house because I was already planning to move.

December 2023 I finally moved out, settled in my new place, logged out all devices I shared my router password with, and renewed my subscription plan. Thinking everything was settled and my subscription would begin to last long, Swift surprised me in less than 7 days with a message telling me I had only ₦1,200 left. I almost cried, I renewed my plan again because they sent me an email saying I’d be given a bonus if I renewed my plan 3 times, and I wanted the bonus.

The second renewal didn’t last 4 days. 😐 I renewed my subscription plan again expecting the bonus they promised to give after 3 renewals; I didn’t get the bonus but I still continued. I have renewed my subscription plan 6 times in two months.

Yes, 6 times. January 2024 – February 2024

On February 28, 2024, my subscription finished, I bought extra GB because I noticed the amount of money I’d spent renewing my plan was more than the amount I’d spent on food between January and February.

If you’re reading this, I want you to know that I’m not exaggerating, I’m in serious pain and I’m so dejected.


Can you believe that the extra GB I bought didn’t last an hour? I was managing the extra GB, I didn’t launch large software, I didn’t download anything, and I only watched 2 videos on YouTube that were 20 minutes long.

Swift 4G is lovely, if you are the type of person who works on software or other large things that need a good connection, I recommend Swift 4G just get prepared to spend 80% of your life savings on the subscription plan.

For now, I’ve dropped Swift 4G and want to start using Smile 4G. Whenever I want to work on large software and I notice the Smile connection is not strong enough I’ll switch to Swift 4G and when I’m done I’ll continue with Smile 4G. Swift 4G is now my Plan B.

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