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My best anime main character

Hello! I’d like to talk about my best anime main character. I believe the image above already reveal that Denji from Chainsaw Man series is my best anime main character.


Why Denji is my best anime main character

Unlike some fans of Jujutsu Kaisen who can’t explain why they love Gojo Satoru or Sukuna, I can explain why Denji is my favorite anime main character.

  1. Denji is my best anime main character because I personally like crazy characters.
  2. I like Denji’s character because he stands out from many other anime protagonists who find it hard to make use of their newfound power and have to pass through a horrifying phase before making full use of it. On the other hand, Denji begins making use of his power to the fullest immediately after he gains it. He displays no sympathy or hesitation before eliminating the zombies in episode 1. He turned into a crazy hero from the first episode.
  3. Denji is serious about his goal. Although his goal is to grab boobs, kiss, and do nasty things. But he’s serious about it and doing anything to achieve his goals. When promised a reward by females, he moves forward without hesitation to achieve it.
  4. After Denji’s character development in episode 1, he remains the same.
  5. I like Denji because I like Denji. 😂

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