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Jennifer’s Body: Did the ritual work?

“Jennifer’s Body” was released in 2009, when I was only 7 years old and still enjoying shows like Barney. I watched the movie just an hour ago and found it quite compelling. However, it’s a dark movie that can lead people astray, so I don’t think that it’s suitable for 16-year-olds as it contains some ungodly themes.

I want to talk about the ritual in this movie, to make it clear to those who might find it difficult to understand how the rock band that sacrificed Jennifer became famous even after the ritual failed.

The ritual

Jennifer was at a bar with her best friend where she met a rock band. She had a conversation with the lead singer and found him captivating. While the band was performing, a fire broke out in the bar. I suspect that the band was responsible for the fire, as they may have used it to gain attention and publicity. After Jennifer’s best friend led her out of the burning bar, the lead singer of the band appeared and led Jennifer to their van to go use her as the sacrifice.

This band was seeking a virgin for a sacrifice to achieve fame. However, Jennifer was not a virgin.

Did the ritual work?

The ritual failed because Jennifer was not a virgin and the band needed a virgin as an offering for the ritual to work. If Jennifer was a virgin and the ritual worked she wouldn’t have risen from death. After a failed ritual sacrifice for Satan, Jennifer became possessed by a succubus and resorted to eating the flesh of men to survive. The possession is the result of the failed ritual.

How did the band get famous after a failed ritual?

They became famous because they were in the news and newspapers, and everywhere else, after the bar where they met Jennifer caught fire. Even if they hadn’t sacrificed Jennifer that night, they would have still become famous because of the fire. However, the lead singer was so desperate to gain fame and ended Jennifer.

Please do not consider doing anything senseless or desperate. It is important to always remember that there are options available and help is always there if needed.

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