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Is Bucchigiri?! main character annoying?

On the 13th of January 2024, the first episode of Bucchigiri?! was released on Crunchyroll. I waited till 10 episodes had been aired before I watched the series. Bucchigiri?! is animated by MAPPA Studio.

Bucchigiri tells the story of a boy named Arajin Tomoshibi who unexpectedly reunites with his childhood friend, Matakara Hoshino. Unfortunately, Arajin isn’t interested in renewing their friendship. At their school, two gangs – the Minato Kai and Siguma Squad – are in a power struggle. Meanwhile, at another school, there’s a group called the NG Boys. One day, Arajin accidentally releases a trapped spirit who promises to grant his wish. As a result, Arajin becomes involved with the gangs, and things get complicated.


How annoying is Bucchigiri?! main character

Bucchigiri?! main character is Arajin Tomoshibi, and this character is the most annoying anime character I’ve ever seen. According to some viewers comment, he’s the worst main character.

What makes Bucchigiri?! main character annoying

On the first day of school, Arajin (photo above) falls in love with his classmate who sits next to him. However, he has no idea that the girl is the sister of Marito, (photo above) the leader of the Siguma squad. She asks him out on a date, which he agrees to, but on the day of the date, Arajin and Marito meet. Arajin tries to walk away from Marito and hold the girl’s hand which makes Marito furious. Marito hits Arajin, but at this time, Arajin had already released an imprisoned spirit that wants to merge with him. This spirit loves fighting, and with its help, Arajin is able to hit Marito.

Arajin fell in love with this girl that he failed to understand the girl has a crush on her brother and plans to go on a date with him so she could see her brother get angry for her cause. This girl even gave Arajin a death stare because he hit her brother. Arajin is so annoying because the girl already indirectly told him she’s using him and told him how useless he is but the bad main character thinks it’s something romantic. For God’s sake. 😡

After Arajin hits Marito, Marito becomes obsessed with him and plans to make Arajin join his squad. Matakara, (photo above) who is Arajin’s childhood friend, suggests that Arajin should join Minato Kai. Arajin meets Kenichiro, (photo above) the leader of Minato Kai. Without thinking much, Arajin faces Kenichiro and his punch surprises him, but Kenichiro accepts Arajin. However, before Matakara can inform Arajin of this, Arajin already agrees to join the Siguma squad because he has a crush on Marito’s sister. Don’t forget that Marito is the leader of the Siguma squad.

In most anime, the main character goes through a stage where they gather their strength and fight for their loved ones in times of trouble. However, Arajin failed to do so. During a serious fight between the three gangs, Arajin left everyone to die including his childhood friend. He just laid on the floor and watched his friend get seriously beaten by Akutaro Shindo. [photo above] Leader of the NG Boys. His friend was almost killed and all Arajin could say was that he only does things to impress Marito’s sister so she can love him.

A part of me was thinking Arajin would go fight for his friend and do something cool but he didn’t. I wish Matakara was the main character because of his story and his brother’s story and he’s a cool character.

Bucchigiri?! is an interesting series but the main character is super annoying.

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