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Is Ayanokoji suppose to date Suzune or Karuizawa?

Happy Thursday, my lovely otaku. At midnight, I watched the 13th episode of “Classroom of the Elite” Season 3 and ended up blushing. 😊

Spoiler: Ayanokoji asked Karuizawa to date him and she said yes. Squeal 🤗

After going through the comments of some viewers, I discovered that some people are disappointed in Ayanokoji for asking Karuizawa out. A few individuals stated that he should have asked Suzune instead or picked one of the girls that likes him.

Anyway, I am the happiest. I am so happy he asked Karuizawa. Come on! Who else was he supposed to ask? Suzune? No.

Spoiler 2: Ayanokoji asked Karuizawa out because he wants to learn how to love and smile. He said once he’s done with the textbook (the textbook is Karuizawa,) he’ll get rid of it. When he hugged her, he said, “Hope I’m smiling.”

While I await the next episode or the 4th season of “Classroom of the Elite,” I will continue to pray for Ayanokoji and Karuizawa. I hope Ayanokoji falls deeply in love with Karuizawa, and I hope she can be responsible for bringing a smile to his face for the first time.

Watch when it happened. 😍

Is Ayanokoji suppose to date Karuizawa?

Yes. Ayanokoji sees Karuizawa as someone important to him. After he asked her out, he said he’s holding someone important to him. Ayanokoji does not see Suzune as someone important to him.

The relationship between Ayanokoji and Suzune is friendship. Ayanokoji already told Suzune brother he does not see her as the type of person he would have a special relationship with.

Ayanokoji is known for being straightforward, and it is unlikely that he would have asked Karuizawa out if he did not find her to be important or someone he could potentially learn to love from. Even if he’s only using someone to learn how to love, he would choose someone he feels comfortable with, which is the case with Karuizawa, he feels comfortable with her.

Remember, Ayanokoji bought a birthday gift for Karuizawa and even searched online for the best gift to give a woman on her birthday. He vowed to protect her and promised to do everything in his power to ensure that she doesn’t get expelled. After turning down a female student that asked him to date her, Ayanokoji was walking with Karuizawa and said, he was just using her, but he wished he could have a genuine relationship with her.

Ohhhhhhh 🤭🥰 single me is blushing like a fool. 😂

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