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Easiest way to get TikTok aspect ratio in CapCut PC

The aspect ratio for TikTok videos is typically 9:16, but recently, people have also been using 1:1, 3:4, and 5.8-inch ratios. I can guide you on how to easily adjust your videos to these ratios.

If the steps below are unclear, please watch the video to gain a better understanding.

Easiest way to get TikTok aspect ratio in CapCut PC.

Step 1

After editing your videos and adding new scenes, click on the Ratio button located below the video preview box to choose from the last four aspect ratios. You can choose the one you wish to.

Step 2

When you select a specific ratio, you will notice that the preview box’s video ratio will adjust accordingly. The next thing to do is to crop video clip.

click on video and then select the “crop” option. If you have multiple video clips, you will need to repeat this process for each clip individually.

To change the crop ratio of a video before cropping, click the arrow next to “Free” and select the same ratio as the video.

Crop the video as you wish. Don’t forget to crop all video clips if you’re editing more than one clip.

To confirm the adjustment of the ratio, you can expand the video and preview it.

Step 3

Finally, export video.

See final result of the video. 👇

That is how you can get TikTok aspect ratio in CapCut PC. Check how to rotate videos in CapCut PC, in the next post.

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