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CGI animation you need to add to your watch list

1. Gantz: o

Masaru Kato is a 17 year old boy taking care of his little brother, on his brother birthday night Kato get killed in a subway station and get resurrected by a strange game. In this game Kato and his team are to eliminate all demons before the time given to them runs out and if they’re unable to eliminate all demons they will not be given the chance to return to the world alive and will die for real.

Available on Netflix.

  • Duration: 2hrs 10min
  • Genre: Survival, psychological, gore
  • Aired: October 2016

2. New Gods: Nezha reborn

Li Yunxiang a young deliveryman and motor racing lover comes from a slum area, he is satisfied with the life he lives and his work. One night after delivering a kitten to a fake address he encounters a arrogant wealthy son of the De Clan who’s father true identity is the dragon king of the east sea. Yunxiang get beat down by him and suddenly releases a wall of fire he then learn from a monkey king he’s a reincarnation of Nezha, a 3000 years old boy-god who brought down the dragon king in his time.

Yunxiang also learns Nezah and the Dragon king are long time enemies and must recover his powers to save his loved ones.

Available on Netflix.

  • Duration: 1hr 57min
  • Genre: Fantasy, cyberpunk, adventure, action
  • Aired: February 2021

3. Legend of exorcism


Available on Netflix.

  • Seasons: 3
  • Episodes: 13 – ?
  • Genre: Drama, fantasy history, action
  • Aired: 2020

4. White snake / Green snake

White snake

A white snake, Blanca is sent on a mission to murder the Emperor advisor who has been killing snake’s to make himself powerful, unfortunately she failed to accomplish the mission and get attacked, a hairpin given to her by the snake mother saved her life but it cost her, her memory. She awakens in snake catchers village where she met Xu Xuan, the man who saved her. the two set out on a journey to find who she is and what the hair pin is.

Available on Netflix.

  • Duration: 1hr 39min
  • Genre: Drama, fantasy, romance, adventure, action
  • Aired: 2019
Green snake

Green snake is the sister of the White snake and the second part of White Snake, the snake sisters were defeated by a powerful monk and get separated. Verta the green snake was sent to Shura City without her powers, a city were everyone fight and struggle for survival. Verta begin to find a way out of the city in order to find her sister and save her from the monk who defeated them.

Available on Netflix.

  • Duration: 2hrs 11min
  • Genre: Adventure, fantasy, action
  • Aired: July 2021

5. Dragon nest / Throne of elves

Dragon nest

A playful young boy, Lambert obsessed with slaying beasts finds himself in serious trouble with lot of beasts, he and his dogs get saved by a famous dragon slayer who promise him a real sword. He met a elf girl and join forces with elves, witch, priest and knight to defeat a legendry black dragon for land Alteria and destroy the black dragon gem.

  • Duration: 1hr 28min
  • Genre: Fantasy, adventure
  • Aired: 2014
Throne of elves

Throne of elves, the second part of dragon nest is also known as Dragon nest 2.

Years after the dark dragon have been killed, Alteria finally experience peace without knowing the dark elf Elena has retrieve the black dragon’s gem. Lambert get invited to a royal wedding in the elves world, happy he would see Liya, Lambert created a ring Liya rejected.

The royal wedding didn’t end beautifully as the bride gets abducted by the dark elf, heartbroken Lambert go after Liya to get her sister and his dogs back without knowing he’s under the possession of the dark elf.

  • Duration: 1hr 44min
  • Genre: Romance, adventure
  • Aired: 2016

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