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Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball creator dies at 68

On Friday the death of Akira Toriyama was announced on Dragon Ball’s official website in a shared statement from Bird Studio and Capsule Corporation Tokyo. Akira Toriyama died on March 1st of a blood clot in his brain.

Dragon Ball manga was first launched 1984 before it was adapted into anime TV series on the 26th of February 1986.

Dragon Ball has also been adapted into a Hollywood action movie in 2009. “Dragon Ball Evolution.”

Dragon Ball Evolution

Fans paid tribute on social media platforms and wrote good comments about him and the anime series Dragon Ball.

Some wrote on X…

“He made the greatest.”

“Even in his grave he will be over 9000.”

“Akira Toriyama was simply the greatest. Not only did he tell the most memorable stories in anime history; he also paved the way for the industry’s future.”

May His Soul Rest In Peace.

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